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Welcome to Khaos Kombat!
Khaos Kombat

We are a Guild Wars 2 guild named Khaos Kombat [KaKo] on the European "Far Shiverpeaks" server.
If you feel you have what it takes to be a member of our ranks please send us an application.

Read more about Khaos Kombat here.
gurkoz / Mar 06, 2013
Arena net have updated their webiste with some info on the incoming updates.

"A hybrid army erupts through fiery portals in the Shiverpeaks. A Molten Alliance between the dredge and the charr Flame Legion has created a force powerful enough to massacre any who stand in their way. One settlement, one homestead at a time, they’re wiping out all resistance. The razing has begun.

In Flame and Frost: The Razing you’ll meet the norn Braham and Rox the charr, two Tyrians who fervently believe in doing what’s right, no matter the risk. Join Braham and Rox in a desperate battle to defend their homelands from annihilation in the third installment in this four-part series!"

Read more about it right here.
gurkoz / Feb 28, 2013
The guild emblem is finally unlocked and designed. Tried to mimic the look of the actual logo used here on the website and guess it's pretty close. By using the tools provided it turned out ok.

Planning on the next upgrade is already under way, so keep that influence coming :)

Also, "The Gathering Storm" patch is live. Read all about it here.
gurkoz / Feb 23, 2013
As the title says, the Guild Stash is now completed! All thanks to you members for contributing all that influence. Feel free to drop of some stuff in the bank if you would like to part with something valuable you don't really need.

After this i think the Guild Emblem would be a good next upgrade, so we can look even more awesome! The future updates will be focusing on raising the research level on the various categories so we will have a strong base to grow from.

On a side note i would like to welcome another officer called Mehtu. He seems like a great guy and will serve the guild in a great way. We are constantly trying to expand the member count and it's nice to see the officers helping out!

As always, keep up the great work! :)
gurkoz / Feb 16, 2013
Preview Items in the Trading Post is on it's way into the game. Nice feature! Only thing missing now is the inspect feature. :)

Try before you buy! You’ll have the ability to preview items in the Trading Post before you buy them. Simply right-click an item icon and select “Preview” to see the item equipped on your character. Check out how a weapon looks by itself, how it looks when sheathed, and how it looks when wielded by your character.

Read more about it here.
gurkoz / Feb 10, 2013
A small update on the status of the guild upgrades.

We are currently making our way towards the guild stash upgrade. It's another 1000inf but we are getting there. Currently we are upgrading the Architecture needed to start the guild stash so we are not quite there yet. Keep logging in and do the things you usually do and the influence will continue to flow.

If you have any feedback on what we should research next please let us know.

Also, great props to Aphira who continues to recruit people to the guild. Your a natural, keep it up!

gurkoz / Jan 29, 2013
Another big update is released for Guild Wars 2!

The sky falls and the ground shakes in the lands of the north. Charr and norn refugees crawl from the wreckage of their homes in the Wayfarer Foothills and Diessa Plateau, struggling to find shelter in the south. The call goes out for volunteers to assist the victims in this time of need, when earth and sky seem to have become the enemy…

Flame and Frost: Prelude is the prologue to a multi-stage narrative that will bring big changes to Guild Wars 2 in the months to come.

Read all about it here.

And be sure to check out the massive patch notes.
gurkoz / Jan 23, 2013
Welcome to the brand new website of the Guild Wars 2 Guild Khaos Kombat!

We are a young guild with the intentions to grow and hopefully you will join us in our quest for server domination!

The website is still under some construction as we get comfortable with the various features. After a fair amount of research of guild hosting sites we settled with Shivtr as the final choice. Although the name is awkward it's features are great. Also the advertisement is less intrusive and on an acceptable level.

For obvious reasons we are on the Free plan subscription here on Shivtr hosting. This means we have to put up with some limits, restrictions and advertisement. Based on this, we have tried to create a basic functional website with the resources available to us. Sadly, this means we have to disable the more advanced features but i think we will manage anyway.

Time will tell if we get the financial situation required to upgrade into something bigger. But fear not, there is nothing stopping us from growing into something spectacular! We have all the tools for a successful guild.

If you already are a member, please take a few minutes to read the forums. If not, then feel free to explore our website and send us an application if you find us interesting.

To find out more about the guild, head over to the About section.

See you in the Khaos of Kombat!