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Khaos and Kombat!

gurkoz / Jan 23, 2013
Welcome to the brand new website of the Guild Wars 2 Guild Khaos Kombat!

We are a young guild with the intentions to grow and hopefully you will join us in our quest for server domination!

The website is still under some construction as we get comfortable with the various features. After a fair amount of research of guild hosting sites we settled with Shivtr as the final choice. Although the name is awkward it's features are great. Also the advertisement is less intrusive and on an acceptable level.

For obvious reasons we are on the Free plan subscription here on Shivtr hosting. This means we have to put up with some limits, restrictions and advertisement. Based on this, we have tried to create a basic functional website with the resources available to us. Sadly, this means we have to disable the more advanced features but i think we will manage anyway.

Time will tell if we get the financial situation required to upgrade into something bigger. But fear not, there is nothing stopping us from growing into something spectacular! We have all the tools for a successful guild.

If you already are a member, please take a few minutes to read the forums. If not, then feel free to explore our website and send us an application if you find us interesting.

To find out more about the guild, head over to the About section.

See you in the Khaos of Kombat!


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