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Khaos Kombat

Khaos Kombat [KaKo] is a English speaking guild in the game Guild Wars 2 by ArenaNet and was started on 2013-01-23 by gurkoz. We are based on the european server called "Far Shiverpeaks".

The guild is seeking like minded players to experience this awesome game together. You can safely join and don't be forced into anything other than having some fun.


We are a easy going guild. Basically, we play when we feel like it. There is no guarantee for a 24/7 fully active community. It's up to individual members to make the best of the situation in both highs and lows. A community is something we all build together, and keeping it alive.

There are no requirements in the amount of time spent in-game from a member. It's fully up to you on how much time to spend on this. We respect that people do have a real life outside the game and that needs some attention now and then. Leaving for breaks is no problem as long as you make others aware.

However, we expect a small amount of your attention in the form of website activity. Nothing major, just try and stay up to date on guild news and forum activity. A bare minimum of visiting this website once a month will ensure you a future safe spot as a member.

Khaos Kombat is a long-term guild planned to be around for a long time.


Treat others the way you would like them to treat yourself. A bit of common sense goes a long way. The advancement of both your characters and others contribute as a whole to the advancement of the guild. This will result in a good atmosphere and a healthy base to grow as a guild.

As a guild member you are a part of a group and we expect you to represent us in the best way possible. Refrain from making stupid accusations or taking part in actions that would make the guild look bad to others.